About RAK Advisory


Ryan Kovac founded RAK Advisory in 2010 with the idea of bringing a wealth of experience in the capital markets to the benefit of entrepreneurs and managers of small businesses. After 10 years of working for various financial institutions on Toronto’s “Bay Street”, Ryan saw the challenges that small businesses face – access to capital and management resources foremost among them. It was at this point that a passion to independently work more closely with small business and help build shareholder value came to fruition. Leveraging a track record of vetting companies to provide capital, and helping them procure it, Ryan believed that the formation of RAK Advisory could provide skillsets to fill a common void in small business.

What do we offer and Why?

It is often said that entrepreneurship and small business growth is the engine that drives every economy. With over 15 years of experience in the field, RAK Advisory has an unwavering passion for helping small business prosper and build shareholder value. Leveraging our strong financial backgrounds, we believe in providing financial solutions that have an immediate and definitive impact with a visible ROI. We understand the main issues you face – that resources in your small business, whether it’s headcount or capital – can be tight. As your advisor, we act as an extension of your management team and will leverage our breadth of experience in the capital markets and financial operations to tackle these issues. Whether it’s providing part-time finance leadership, assistance with securing different forms of financing, or as cumbersome as building financial models or writing a business plan; RAK Advisory can assist you at a very reasonable cost.
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Why the name RAK Advisory?

Although we provide “consulting” services, we don’t think of ourselves as typical “consultants”. Our experience working with companies from a stakeholder perspective has shown that many third-party consultants rarely deliver a definitive and positive financial impact to their clients. Our Mission is to focus on building shareholder value with every client engagement, and providing unbiased feedback with that goal in mind. We don’t want to just walk away from an engagement with a hefty fee. We view ourselves as an impartial extension to your management team with a “stake” in your business and an on-going relationship with your company. And we prefer to focus on initiatives that have a definitive impact on your business with a visible ROI: Financing, and Financial Management and Analysis with a focus on increase the bottom-line, for example.

How we work with you?

Think of RAK Advisory as an impartial extension to your management team. We prefer to build close, long-term relationships with our clients – to be their “go to” for finance related areas. As a result, we prefer to work very close with management and become intimately knowledgeable about their business, in order to offer relevant recommendations and services specific to the problems you face. We also emphasize impartiality and unbiased feedback – our job is to help you build shareholder value and not massage your ego! And we want to deliver a visible ROI, so we endeavor to provide our services at a reasonable cost.